As many limestone caves in Ha Long Bay, the Dau Gο cave is a result of complex geological processes. Dau Gο cave has been formed for 700,000 tο 11,000 years. The cave is 21m above the sea level and composed of three chambers totaling 5,000 square – meters in area and 209 meters in length. Each of the chambers is a wonderful sculptural work of nature.

Their stalagmites and stalactites have their own characteristic beauty. The first chamber is the largest and the most weathered; The second chamber is colorful and as imposing as colossal statues. The third chamber is mysterious and marvelous. The beauty of the cave is praised as Grotto of Wonders by visitors.

In 1918, King Khai Dinh Nguyen dynasty and French Governor – General Saro visited Dau Gο cave and were amazed by its beauty. His praise for Ha Long Bay and the cave is carved in writing on a stone stele at the entrance of the cave.

In 1957, President Ho Chi Minh visited Dau Go cave and said: No visitor can convey the beauty of its scenery, so everybody should visit the cave to enjoy its beauty. themselves.


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Dau Go Island in Halong Bay

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Vietnamese: Hang Đầu Gỗ


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