Vung Tau Light House

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Vung Tau Light House is located on top of the Small Mountain. Original built in 1907 at lower peak of the mountain, it was burned with kerosene.

In 1911 it was renewed to the 3 meters in diameter and 18 meters in height, and moved to the higher peak as today.

The Vung Tau lighthouse projects light as far as 35 sea miles (64.75 km) and equipped with telescopes to follow and direct ships at the sea. The lighthouse provides a panoramic view of the whole of Vung Tau and is a really interesting location.

Vung Tau Light House

Vietnamese: Ngọn hải đăng Vũng Tàu
Address: Phường 2, tp. Vũng Tàu, Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
Driving Directions (Road Map): Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Vung Tau