Ta Phin Village

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H’Mong & Red Dao minority people

Ta Phin is located 15 km north-western of Sapa. This is a village of the ethnic group the Red Dzao and Black Hmong, very friendly and rich in custom.

Their handicrafts are famous for colorful embroidery. The plum and cherry flowers here do not only blossom in spring but also in other seasons; that makes Ta Phin beautiful all the year. When heading off to Ta Phin village from Sapa, hiking up and down the 15 kilometers of hilly terrain is a good choice as travelers will see local people working in terraced field of exotic scenery.

For a long time, Ta Phin Village has been chosen as a destination to visit by several tourists once coming to Sa Pa.

Vietnamese: Làng Tả Phìn
Driving Directions (Road Map): Sapa Town to Ta Phin village
Driving Directions (Road Map): Hanoi to Sapa