Sapa Ancient Rock Field

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Sapa Ancient Rock Field is situated in Muong Hoa Valley, 12 km southwest of Sapa town. These ancient rocks ground covers an area of about 8, consist of large multi-grade rocks engraved with ancient images.

The first exploration research, in 1925, recorded that there were 200 stones of various dimensions concentrated in the area. According to scientists, the ancient rocks ground is a huge fund of knowledge on nature and community life.

And the folk legend believed that these were mutual agreements and documents of the ancient civilization. Lines of strange letters, images of geographical map and battlefield sketch carved on rocks are the ancient people’s hallmarks which are still decoded yet. Archaeologists have proven that this area has been inhabited since ancient times. These fascinating remains have drawn the attention of both tourists and scientists.

Vietnamese: Bãi đá cổ Sa Pa
Driving Directions (Road Map): Hanoi to Sapa