Tomb of Dong Khanh

Hue LogoDong Khanh tomb is located on the land of Cu Si hamlet, Hue city. Built in 1917, the tomb of Emperor Dong Khanh is the smallest yet the most individual.

Emperor Dong Khanh was the nephew and adopted son of Tu Duc. He ruled for only 3 years, and was usurped the throne shortly after the French gained control of Hue.

The tomb marks a turning point in the evolution of Vietnam’s architecture as it was built at a time when European culture was entering Vietnam. The interaction between occidental styles and oriental can be seen in the use of terra-cotta relief, stained glass and French artworks among traditional Vietnamese and Chinese features.

It was the beginning of the mixture of Asian and European, of the new and old architecture.

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The Imperial Tombs of Hue (Lăng tẩm Huế) Vietnam