Ants Silk Handmade & Tailoring

Ants Silk Handmade & Tailoring

ANTS SILK is a new brand, was from a family tailor “ Tran Family” in 1999 and had been extending in it’s second generation under supervision of Mr Vu Tran and Mrs.Hanh Tran.they are one of the first professional custom tailors in Hoi An, Vietnam. Since then, we are proud of having become an institution that has shaped Vietnamese- and Western-style custom tailored dresses through fashion innovation, fine quality, personal service, and exceptional product value.

ANTS SILK has been serving international clients, ranging from diplomats and business leaders to professionals and civil servants, in the art of custom tailored clothing. We strive to provide clothing of top-notch quality at very reasonable prices and excellent customer service with fabric of your choice.

We also have mix Vietnamese Silk with polyeste

Clothes: Kind of fabric: we will have many choice as your requests, which one gets better for your design: cotton, khaki, linen, satin, cashmere, wool ….including colorful Special, We prefer to Vietnamese pure silk with plain or pattern pure silk.

We also have mix Vietnamese Silk with polyeste, Vietnamese Silk with Satin We will inform to you which one best quality,second, last quality or somethings like that, so we are sincerely to inform you all information about kind of fabric, and last step you choose fabric as your choice.

Models: It depends on models you choose and what you want and easily understand where is the places you wear this or that model usally? How about details of model? What color you prefer for your model? Model will be nice with this detail or less some details make nicer for your measure.We willbe happy to tell you all to make suit for your measure as your favourite model.

Measurement: If you ORDER to make clothes direct at ANTS SILK, we will make to measure for you. If you order online, we will inform you your measurement that you need give us on email. And if u order online and you have been direct at Ants Silk (your measurement already here), we kept on a customer book, it willbe easy to make more clothes for your requests even you are not here. Other products: Silk lantern, tie, hand bag, pillow, table runner, scarf …: Vietnamese Silk (pattern or plain), different size, styles, color, including embroidery and excluding embroidery.

Vietnamese- and Western-style custom tailored dresses

Shipping: We will inform you via reciept of your products as scan, then you can take a look. Seria number of parcel will send to you and we are here also to keep it to check when the parcel was received by you (Shipping will be different depend on how far from Vietnam to your country).

Price: Price will depend on quality, how many meters (fabric) we need for your models (value,quality including good price) Price will have good deal (special price) when you make alot kind of models (large order) Price will have good deal with frequent customer. We welcome and offer soft price for potential customer.

Address: Opposite 170 Trần Nhân Tông Street, Cẩm Châu, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam
Tel: +84 93 875 02 43
My name is Thi Hien Tran
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